The Royal Hair Cut
Have your hair cut to perfection by one of our top stylists
45 minutes – THB 1,400
With Master Barber – THB 2,400

Kids Hair Cut
Treat your little ones (starting from 5 to 12 years old) to a grown-up hair experience
30 minutes – THB 700

Shampoo and Finish
This service addresses the cleansing and moisturising of the hair, followed by styling advice and product knowledge
20 minutes – THB 550

Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave
T & H pre-shave oil is applied with a luxurious hot towel wrap, followed by a rich shaving cream and finished with a close and comfortable shave
30 minutes – THB 1,000

The Ultimate Shaving Experience
Enjoy all the pleasures of our Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave with a deep relaxing face massage
45 minutes – THB 1,800

Shave and Shape
Allow our expert stylists to shape your beard and have the opportunity To be more creative with your beard style
45 minutes - THB 1,500

Beard Trim
Have your beard cleaned and trimmed to perfection
20 minutes – THB 500

Head Shave
The head shave commences with an aromatic hot towel to soften and prep the skin.
A badger hair bristle brush is then used to lift the hair for the closest possible shave.
30 minutes – THB 1,000

Facial Hair Grooming
Waxing: Ears/Nose/Eyebrows/Cheeks
20 minutes – THB 300 each

SPA Manicure/Pedicure
Our exclusive service will relax, nourish and leave your hands or feet thoroughly pampered and revitalised.
Your service is perfected with a nail buff and a moisturising massage.

Manicure 45 minutes – THB 850

Pedicure 45-60 minutes – THB 1,100

Ears Cleaning
Traditional Chinese-Thai style ears cleaning
THB 600

Hair Colouring
60 minutes – THB 2,000

40 minutes – THB 1,500

Head Spa
The T & H head spa is a unique combination of Thai-European styles that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.
Begin with an organic shampoo followed by a deep tissue scalp massage with a nourishing hair conditioner plus the natural scalp essence.
Finish the relaxing experience with a luxurious warm towel wrap, and end with the Shampoo & Finish.
20 minutes – THB 900

Face Massage
This treatment will leave your skin looking bright, supple and refreshed
20 minutes – THB 900

The Royal Face Massage & Mask (New)
The face is cleansed, moisturized and wrapped in a hot towel before our invigorating mask is applied.
Whether its combination, oily, dry or congested skin, this treatment will restore balance to your skin and leave the face bright and rejuvenated.
60 minutes – THB 2,500

Big Day Package
The Royal Hair Cut, Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave, Head Spa, Face Massage and Mask,
Facial Hair Grooming, SPA Manicure-Pedicure Plus Hand and Foot Massage.
3.5 hours – THB 8,900

Scalp Spa Mist
With a combination of Nano Mist technology and scalp care products, our exclusive treatment is created for balancing and rejuvenating your scalp deeply. Starting with 6 mins of shampooing, following by 16 mins of head massage, then 6 mins of heating spa cap will be applied.
Finishing by second shampooing and 12 mins of hair essence application to strengthen your scalp and hair roots.
40 minutes – THB 2,900

Hair & Scalp Detox – After Hair Coloring Only
It offers a detoxifying hair & scalp treatment with special formula shampoo plus Nano Mist technology which helps remove
toxins and gunk from your scalp, unclogs the hair follicles, and balances your scalp’s natural oils. Finish with the Essence to
rejuvenate and renew the hair follicles and create a perfect environment for hair growth.
25 minutes – THB 1,000

Hand Spa
Hands & lower arms are cleaned and scrubbed using a hot towel, followed by a gentle massage with cuticle oil and finish by cold towel cleansing.
30 minutes – THB 550

Body Grooming & Spa
T&H CLUB only Central Embassy branch,

Thai Massage 60 minutes THB 1,100 - 90 minutes THB 1,600
Oil Massage 60 minutes THB 2,000 - 90 minutes THB 2,900
Foot Massage 60 minutes THB 1,100 - 90 minutes THB 1,600
Body Scrub - 60 minutes THB 2,200
Body Hair Removal – starting from THB 500

Shoe Shine
Premium service by imported products from Saphir Paris and Boot Black Japan
50 minutes – THB 550